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New arrival

fjr1300At last.   For someone with an internet name of Bikerman, I've been without a bike for far too long. For personal and work reasons I had to sell my beloved Yamaha several years ago. Now, being finally in a position to get a new bike, I've bought myself another Yamaha. 

The bike in question is a 10yr old Yamaha FZR-1300. Until recently it was a police bike with the Cumbria constabulary.  Having already owned several FJs and 1 FJR, there was never a question in my mind about which bike to go for. I'm t0o old for sports-bikes - the riding position is far too uncomfortable - and I've never been a Harley fan (too much money for too little bike).

The FJR is a perfect compromise. It is still quick enough to catch pigeons when the fancy takes, but it has a sit-up-and-beg riding position and a superb flip-up screen which keeps most of the weather off the rider.  It gets around a notorious FJ weakness (rapid chain wear) by being shaft-drive, and the other notorious weakness - chocolate front brakes - is sorted with a brilliant ABS system.  The only negative is the weight - this is a heavy bike - but the low riding position makes the bike surprisingly easy to handle in traffic.  Open the throttle and you have that silky-smooth power delivery up to silly speeds. The big low-revving engine is happy tootling around town in 4th, but show it a nice road and it can keep up with all but the fastest sports-bikes out there.  Then, after scratching with the sports-types, mount the panniers and top-box, dial up 'hot' for the handlebars and you can comfortably cruise, with no muscle spasms at the end of a long day in the saddle.


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