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Dealing with vicious misandry

JennyJonesVerbal abuse of men, as a gender, continues.  In the Lords we had Baroness Jenny Jones call for a 6pm curfew for men - without much comment from our complicit media.

As in all such cases, it is informative to switch the genders and evaluate, honestly, whether the result would be the same. Obviously any male politician even joking about a curfew for women would be sacked and disgraced before the end of that same day. Instead , this misandrist bitch has the cheek to whine at the very limited blowback she got from twitter,  whilst continuing her pathetic attention-grabbing bigotry.

There is no practical way for men to deal with this - complaints are laughed-at or attacked as 'male fragility'. Pointing out that just about all the necessary dirty jobs that this bitch relies on in her daily life, are done by men - from bin-men to the men she would be quick to call to fix her electricity/gas supply, to a hundred other necessary roles in her pampered and over-privileged little existence.

For myself I have decided to keep a list of people making outrageously misandrist statements  - solely for me own reference.  I will endeavour to ensure such people never have to interact with me - since they so obviously hate me in principle. Next time they need a man to make their lives safer, more comfortable, or even possible, it won't be me (I wonder if any other men, who actually care about being insulted and demeaned daily by these bigots, might consider doing likewise - it might be very interesting)

Jenny Jones has the honour of being the first entry in my new list (MTS- Misandrist To Shun).  In a crude but apt phrase - I won't piss on them, even if they are burning.

Seeing is not always believing

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