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Ben Goldacre
                         Bad Science
                          Guardian columnist Dr Ben Goldacre takes us on a hilarious, invigorating and informative
                  journey through the bad science we’re fed by the worst of the hacks and the quacks! When Dr Ben
                  Goldacre saw someone on daytime TV dipping her feet in an ‘Aqua Detox’ footbath, releasing her
                  toxins into the water and turning it brown, he thought he’d try the same at home. ‘Like some kind of
                  Johnny Ball cum Witchfinder General’, using his girlfriend’s Barbie doll, he gently passed an
                  electrical current through the warm salt water. It turned brown. In his words: ‘before my very eyes,
                  the world’s first Detox Barbie was sat, with her feet in a pool of brown sludge, purged of a
                  weekend’s immorality.’ Dr Ben Goldacre is the author of the ‘Bad Science’ column in the Guardian
                  and his book is about all the ‘bad science’ we are constantly bombarded with in the media and in
                  advertising. At a time when science is used to prove everything and nothing, everyone has their own
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